Home/Residential EV Charging

Home/Residential EV Charging

Home/Residential EV Charging is the most popular application scenario for our retail customers. That means AG ELECTRICAL will put more effort and resources into Home/Residential EV Charging products researching and development. This will help us consolidate the AG ELECTRICAL brand. There are many EV charging equipment manufacturers around the world,AG ELECTRICAL is one of them.

The most common and easiest place to charge is at home. Generally speaking, the household electricity is 220V, so can only slowly to electric car charging, more suitable for charging at night, as long as the correct use is absolutely safe. Home charging USES a small current, which is long but good for battery life.

For example, we recommend the MODE 2 charger for home use. Its biggest characteristic is portable, the control box panel USES the display screen function, real-time display current and voltage, charging state, and circuit board temperature; Leakage protection, lightning protection, over-temperature protection, and continuous monitoring grounding protection, charging more safe and reliable. In addition, The ac charging socket is also suitable for a family residence. At present, we have two specifications of national standard and European standard with small power. At home, the equipment is placed well, convenient, and save money already.

Plugin the charger and start charging automatically. Charging was completed the next morning.

Owners with household charging piles can get a great "charging convenience" when using electric cars. Just think, every day after parking at home, if it needs to be recharged, insert the charging pile in 10 seconds, the next morning before going out, the car has been "fed", really as simple as recharging the phone, from then on bid farewell to the gas station.

In fact, whether you are at home, at work, or anywhere in the city, it is easy and convenient to use our products to charge your car.

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