SAE J1772 EV Charging

SAE J1772 EV Charging

"American Standard" refers to the SAE J1772 standard. SAE J1772 is just a general term. It includes four subdivision standards and three different charging interface models. Among them, the AC charging standard and the DC charging standard are divided into level 1 and level 2 specifications, which are mainly different in output power.

Charge coupler compliant USA SAE J1772™ specifications

J1772 ev is designed for AC Level 2 charging standard and backward compatible of AC Level 1, 120V, and 16A.

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SAE J1772 EV Charging Product List


Charge MethodNominal Supply Voltage (Volt)Maximum Current (Amps-continuous)Branch Circuit Breaker rating (Amps)
AC LEVEL1120V AC, One Phase12A15A (Minimum)
120V AC, One Phase16A20A
AC LEVEL2208-240V AC, One Phase≤80APer NEC 625

SAE J1772 Type1 Connectors

The SAE 1772 Type1 connector/inlet pair is broadly used in the U.S and Japan as the U.S. and Japan do not have three phase power grid. This standard is limited to single-phase and lower power output than Type 2. It also notes that for Type 1, most of the charging cable is permanently fixed to the charging station/pile.

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AG ELECTRICAL EV Charging Cable Type1  conforms to SAE J1772

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