NACS Charging Cable

NACS Charging Cable


Charging plug meeting Tesla NACS standard

Housing massive structure promote protection performance

Product entire insertion and extraction force<90N

Protection class IP67

Mechanical properties

Mechanical life:no-load plug in/pull out>10000 times

Impact of external force:can afford 1M drop and 2t vehicle run over pressure

Environment performance

Operating temperature


Applied Materials

Case Material:Thermoplastic,flame retardant grade UL94V-0

Contact bush:Copper alloy,silver plating

UV Resistance:F1 per UL 746C

Electrical performance

Rated current:80A/125A/200A/250A/350A/400A

Operation voltage:240V AC/1000V DC

Insulation resistance:>2000MΩ(D1000V)

Terminal temperature rise:<50K

NACS Charging Cable Features

1. The NACS connector has a single button located on the top center of the handle. When the button is depressed, a UHF signal is emitted. When the connector is locked in place, the signal commands the vehicle to retract the latch holding the connector in place. When the connector is not locked in place, the signal commands the nearby vehicle to open the door covering the inlet. 

2、Physical design

The TESLA NACS Gun is an EV connector complies with the standard of NACS. The NACS connector is used with Tesla superchargers, which currently charge at a rate of up to 400kW.  

3、Ultrasonic Welding Technology

This technology can make the resistance of the EV tend to zero during the charging process, and reduce the phenomenon of heating up during the DC charging process of the EV.

4、Voltage Rating

The 80A ,125A ,200A,250A ,350A ,400A TESLA connector can be used to charge electric vehicles quickly, thanks to its 1,000-volt DC maximum voltage rating. It is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to charge their electric vehicle quickly and efficiently. The 400A TESLA connector, with its high voltage rating, 400A TESLA Plug is ideal for charging electric vehicles.

5、Quality Assurance

AG TESLA EV Plugs can withstand more than 10,000 times of plugging and unplugging. Ensure the safety of long-term power supply, solid and durable, and wear-resistant. It reduces the operation and maintenance costs of electric vehicle charging enterprises.

6、Safe Features

The 400A TESLA connector has a number of safety features that protect against potential hazards such as overvoltage and overcurrent. These features include short circuit protection, ground fault detection, and temperature monitoring.


400A TESLA Gun supports simple LOGO customization and also supports customization of the entire function and appearance. There are professional sales and technical personnel docking. Open the road of brand agency for you.

8、High Power Ratings

AG TESLA plug Designed to handle high currents, offers exceptional power ratings of 80A, 125A, 200A, and 250A ,350A ,400A TESLA Connector. This outstanding capacity ensures ultra-fast DC charging speeds significantly reducing the time spent at charging stations.

9、Versatility and Compatibility

The 400A TESLA plug compatible with all TESLA EV models on the market today.whether you own a compact electric car, a powerful electric SUV a heavy truck, a bus or a commercial electric vehicle, our 400A NACS Gun TESLA plug is designed to meet your DC fast charging needs

10、Enhanced Safety Features

Ultrasonic welding technology is used between the conductive terminal and the cable, the contact resistance tends to be zero, the temperature rise is lower during use and the service life of the product can be extended at the same time. And built-in temperature sensors, the charging process is safer

NACS Charging Cable Parameter

Product Type

Tesla NACS Connector

Rated Current


Rated Voltage

240V AC/1000V DC


Regular 5 m,custom length accepted


12 months



Packaging Details

Standard export wooden case or carton. Or as customer requirements

Delivery Time (days)

Within 20 days, if quantity >100, to be negotiated