Custom Cable

Custom Cable

AG ELECTRICAL products have achieved TUV, CCC, CE, UL certifications, meanwhile AG R&D team has obtained a lot patents. We can provide elevator cable, robot cable, hoist way cable, aerospace cable, photo voltaic cable, towline cable, wind power generation anti-twisting cable and electric vehicle charging cable that can meet different customer requirements based on IEC, GB/T standard, BS standard and VDE provisions.

Our custom cable has continually exceeded customer expectations with AG FAST RESPONSE, AG FLEXIBILITY, and AG RELIABILITY. Whether you are in the initial stages of design and prototyping, or ready to start producing at volume, AG flexible experienced team can take over to collaborate, consult, and complete any tasks according to your requirements.

In this stage of cable design much of the effort is dedicated to defining the specifics which are not limited to physical cable architecture but also to requirements such as weight, color and targeted cost. In fact, much of the material selection which is a part of custom cable engineering process stems from the target cost of a single unit. Additional data such as the use of cable and its installation in the equipment is also vital to the initial stages of the design. For example, if the wire harness or a cable will operate at high temperatures, a certain type of wire shielding should be selected. Or if a cable is a part of an internal installation in the OEM final product, we need to know about the possible dimensional constraints of such installation.

All these custom characteristics are being entered into the computer and a set of design rules is created by the cable design software tools. These rules are based on the custom cable specifications and prevent any deviations from the design intent set by the client which helps to keep the development on track.

After creating a digital mock up of the custom cable we exchange the information with the client and get a feedback. At this stage some additional requirements or suggestions may arise and new set of rules is applied to the digital design of the product. Once the design intent is finalized a physical prototype(s) can be built and submitted to the client for testing.

Custom Cable
  • What Kind of Custom Cable Do We Provide

    Elevator Cable Elevator Cable

    The structure of elevator cable adopts special design, so its service life is longer than other types of cable, not only that, the operation efficiency of elevator production enterprise and the production efficiency of factory will be greatly improved. Cables under elevator control can provide overall electrical control over the length of the cable suspended in the elevator, while at the same time it can withstand greater mechanical stress. The elevator cable uses the special material of steel wire bearing cable core, the elevator cable can also be used for long-distance suspension and other use occasions.

  • New Energy Cable New Energy Cable

    The New energy Cable harnesses power from the sun, wind, water (both hydro and tidal) and biofuels to produce "clean" energies. The move away from using the finite fossil fuels continues to gather momentum, with projects around the world embracing their natural landscape and resources. We offer a wide range of cables including specialist industry cables for electric vehicles charging (used for charging equipment for electric vehicle and charging port, or for control systems of charging saturation, safety warning and other control signal transfer function of the vehicle charging and discharging.), energy vehicle high voltage (withstand and flex vehicle cable for EV, HEV and FCEV cabling system, it used as lead wire for electric motorscharging poles and AC bundle cables.), photovoltaic and wind power twisting.

  • High-tech Cable High-tech Cable

    AG ELECTRICAL has been working on new products research for the new market. High tech cable refers to new products applied in the up to date industry in the present day market, such as robotic cable, and aerospace cable, which are extra strict in exceptional manage than different normal cables. It is smaller in volume, greater meticulous in workmanship and Difficult to make. Prices are additionally exceedingly high. Long provider life, bending and torsion resistance up to greater than 10 million times.

  • AG ELECTRICAL Provides OEM & ODM Service

    EV Charging Solution
    EV Charging Solution

    With rapidly growing of EV charging pile installation, more and more people and companies choose AG ELECTRICAL EV charging products.

    What Can We do?


    From Concept Design to MP(Mass Production)

    As experienced team, we are capable of design and manufacture EV Components with strict quality control system from raw material to finished works.

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