Hotels EV Charging

Hotels EV Charging

From one of the top electric vehicle charging companies - AG ELECTRICAL's perspective, our components can be applied to a hotel or any other public EV charging system. It is widely used in public areas as people have the potential need to charge their car while traveling. The data shows that EV Charging in hotels is a very important application scenario.

Hilton and some destination hotels already work with Tesla, kurb space, or other electronics companies such as general electric. According to CNN, the charging equipment provided by these companies can charge almost all types of electric vehicles in the market, including Nissan LEAF, the world's best-selling electric vehicle.

Denise Naguib, vice president of sustainable development and diversified suppliers of Marriott International Group, said that Marriott International Group started to set up electric vehicle charging stations in hotels about 10 years ago.

Today, more than half of destination hotels across the United States have electric car charging stations. Sabatier says the program has expanded the hotel's inbound customer base and potential customer base. Charging a car can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours, so guests can choose between a drink at the hotel or an overnight stay. Here, it is recommended to use our Mode 3 or Mode 2 (LEVEL 2) charger. "We often receive positive comments from our customers who come to our hotel restaurant for dinner or an overnight stay using electric vehicle charging stations."

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular because of continuous improvements in technology. "Many Hilton hotels don't charge owners and more and more owners are choosing to park their cars where they know they can charge them for free."

A hotel with charging stations for electric cars is more than just having a few charging stations. It can actually drive the development of the property and thus develop into a new model.

For the hotel, although the charging pile itself can not bring much revenue, the customers and the stay time behind the charging pile are more important.

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