AEC 2023: Chinese Car Makers Leading the Charge in Electric Vehicle Innovation, Europeans Highly Positive on Chinese Products

AEC 2023: Chinese Car Makers Leading the Charge in Electric Vehicle Innovation, Europeans Highly Positive on Chinese Products

The just-concluded AEC 2023 was all about “Linking for a sustainable future” and aimed to push electric mobility towards a more sustainable future. The event brought together EU institutions, city government representatives, national new energy vehicle associations, and important members of the international community. The EU’s climate targets have accelerated the date for ending gasoline-powered vehicles to ensure that electric vehicles become the primary means of transportation in the near future.

This year’s AEC 2023 will focus on five themes to promote smooth transition to zero-emission mobility. These themes include Beyond Charging, Clean Heavy-duty Vehicles, Resilient Energy Infrastructure, Future-proofed Supply Chains, and Skills for the Future. These discussions will gather industry decision-makers, electric vehicle industry representatives, and consumer representatives to provide strategic direction for future electric mobility.

At the event, Chinese car manufacturers showedcase the latest technology and products designed for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, receiving positive feedback from European markets. Chinese companies such as BYD and Geely stole the show with their innovative charging solutions that reflect the fast-paced development and forward-thinking technology layout of the Chinese new energy vehicle industry.

BYD showcased its latest pure electric passenger cars—the Han EV sedan and Tang EV SUV—attracting attention from many European consumers. BYD also presented its smart home charging stations and mobile charging vehicles—comprehensive solutions for new energy travel.

Geely, on the other hand, showcased its Bo Yue and Emperor Haonuo SUV models, which have both long ranges and designs that are highly regarded in the automotive industry. Geely also presented its fast charging stations, wireless charging technology, and charging lots—convenient charging facilities for European consumers.

The excellent performance of Chinese car makers at AEC 2023 has drawn widespread attention from European markets. European consumers have highly praised Chinese new energy vehicles for their advanced electric technology, intelligent internet connectivity, and charging infrastructure—viewing these as crucial factors for boosting the European new energy vehicle market.

BYD’s latest charging technology—the mobile charging vehicle and smart home charging post—received particular attention. The mobile charging vehicle’s swappable battery design can provide vehicles with a top-up charge in a matter of minutes, solving the problem of long wait times at traditional charging stations. The smart home charging post can be remotely controlled via a mobile app, providing users with added convenience and the ability to automatically allocate power or adjust charging rates—effectively enhancing charging efficiency.

Geely’s fast charging stations, wireless charging technology, and smart charging lots were also popular exhibits. Fast charging stations can provide a speedy top-up charge, reducing charging time and improving usability. Geely’s wireless charging technology transfers energy to the vehicle using magnetic field induction without the need for cables, providing added convenience for users. The smart charging lots can automatically adjust the charging port based on the location of the vehicle, making it even easier for users to charge their vehicles.

Moreover, European industry insiders have spoken highly of China’s new energy vehicle industry development. They believe that China’s new energy vehicle market is maturing rapidly, with significant improvements in vehicle design, performance, and quality—as well as in charging infrastructure construction and intelligent charging services—reflecting strong innovation capabilities. These advancements are not only boosting China’s new energy vehicle industry but also providing powerful momentum for the global development of the new energy vehicle market.

As important players in the global new energy vehicle market, Chinese car makers are leading the charge through continuous innovation and breakthroughs. With the Chinese new energy vehicle market expanding and technological capabilities improving constantly, we have reason to believe that the future of the new energy vehicle market will be even more prosperous and competitive.

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