E-Mobility 2023 in Austria: Funding for Electric Vehicles and EV Chargers Continues

E-Mobility 2023 in Austria: Funding for Electric Vehicles and EV Chargers Continues

Have you been thinking of installing a charging station at home or work this year?

We are excited to tell you that there are currently two relevant subsidies offered in Austria, one for private individuals and one for companies, associations, and local authorities. You can apply for them right now and save even more by switching to e-mobility.


What Gets Funded in 2023?

The year 2023 is generous with money-saving offers. The Austrian government is providing funding for electric vehicles and EV charging stations. Consider it your sign to switch to e-mobility this year or install a home charging station to charge your car at a lower cost.


Austrian E-Mobility Funding for EV Charging Stations in 2023

In 2023, subsidies for EV chargers are financial incentives offered to individuals and businesses, making it more affordable than ever to support the shift to clean, electric transportation.


E-Mobility funding for individuals and companies

Which EV Charging Stations get funding?

Compared to the previous year, only charging stations equipped with OCPP or Modbus are eligible for subsidies. It is essential that a wallbox can be connected to a manufacturer-independent load balancing system and controlled in a grid-serving manner via this system.


Additional requirements:

For all subsidies, the charging station must be kept for at least 4 years.

The electricity must be proven to come from renewable energy sources.

If you have already purchased a charging station, although the subsidy did not yet exist, it is still possible to register and apply for the subsidy. However, the application must be made no later than 9 months after the purchase of the charging station.


Funding for EV charging stations

The complete list of EV charging stations that can be funded is published at umweltfoerderung.at.


Subsidies for Private Individuals

Private individuals can receive subsidies of up to 600 euros for both stationary and mobile wallboxes (portable charging stations, also called intelligent charging cables) in single/two-family homes.

In apartment buildings, up to 900 euros can be granted for individual installations and up to 1,800 euros for shared installations.

The subsidy is meant to cover 50% of your expenses. For stationary wallboxes, the installation costs are included in the subsidy amount. Imagine, you not only save money on home charging, but also receive a significant reimbursement for the cost of the electric car charging station. The government's subsidy covering half of the installation costs is basically the cherry on top.


Steps to get the e-mobility funding 2023

Step 1: Register on the website emob.klimafonds.gv.at to apply as an individual or emob-betriebe.klimafonds.gv.at to apply as a business.  

Step 2: Fill in the application for funding your wallbox.

Step 3: Attach the invoice for purchase and installation of the charging station and proof that your energy comes from a renewable source to your application. If you are living in a multi-storey building, in addition to the invoices (purchase and installation), you need to attach proof that it is a multi-party house (more than 2 residential units) (e.g. land register excerpt).

Step 4: Submit the application within 9 months after getting the invoices for buying the charging station and additional costs.

Step 5: Wait for the disbursement of the grant. The disbursement takes place after review of your application documents and approval by the Climate and Energy Fund.


You can apply for funding your own charger in the course of purchasing an electric car or you can submit a separate funding application for the charging infrastructure.

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