Four charging modes for electric cars

Four charging modes for electric cars


1. MODE1

There is no control box on the charging cable. When the car is charged, it is directly plugged into the household AC socket through the wire of the charging cable. Communication cannot be established with the vehicle, and the maximum current strength, voltage and temperature cannot be confirmed during charging. The mode 1 charging method is basically obsolete due to poor safety.


2. MODE2

This is the main charging mode of portable charger on the market at present. The difference from mode 1 is that a protection device, namely an adapter(control box) is added. At the same time, communication is established with the vehicle through the control wire, and charging parameters can be exchanged between the vehicle and the charger. This mode is generally adopted with the car charger, and the charging current is relatively small, generally 8-16A.

AG’s mode 2 is applicable to most countries in Europe, America, Asia and so on, It can be customized at any time according to the power requirements of different countries.


3. MODE3

The difference between mode 3 and mode 1&2 is that the charging cable is not connected to the household AC power grid, but to a dedicated AC power supply device, namely the AC charging pile(AC charging). In this case, the cable can be charged without the adapter, because the AC charging pile itself plays a protective role. Mode 3 not only ensures the safety of charging, but also improves the charging speed to some extent (10/13/32/63a). Ac charging pile and wall-mounted charging box are suitable for mode 3.

AG’s mode 3 - Type1-Type2,Type2-Type2 are made of TPU material which is imported from Germany and we are very flexible of customizatin from cable to wire.


4. MODE4

Mode 4 is the DC charging mode, which can charge the electric vehicle in a short time. It has the working conditions of high power and high voltage. For example, Tesla supercharging station is generally not belonging to the household, but specially located in the fast charging station. Mode 4 has a high charging current, which is usually DC 80/125/200/250A or higher, so the natural charging speed is also the fastest. The disadvantage is the installation requirements and cost of DC charging are very high, and long-term DC charging will affect the life of the battery.

AG’s GB/T standard Mode4 are famous in Asia by it high stability and security and AG's IEC standard Mode 4(CCS2) will meet you in the market in October this year. We will launch four CCS2 models for: 80A / 125A / 150A / 200A. If you have other specifications, please feel free to contact us. We can make the products you want according to your requirements.


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