How to choose a high-quality charging cable?

How to choose a high-quality charging cable?

As a bridge between the car and the pile, the quality of the charging cable directly affects the safety of the charging experience. Therefore, it is particularly important to select a high-quality charging cable.So how should we choose a high-quality charging cable?


Experts in the field of new energy charging cables told reporters that at present, the quality of charging cables in the market is uneven. No matter charging operators, car enterprises or car owners, they should not take it lightly when purchasing charging cables. They must purchase well-known brand products with qualified performance through formal channels. In terms of materials, we should not only be safe and waterproof, but also durable. At the same time, the products should also have excellent insulation, flame retardant, high temperature resistance and other properties.

The core component of AG Technology's portable car charging cable is the control box. Although it seems insignificant, in fact, there are core technologies in the control box, which only involves several invention patents. Therefore, when consumers buy car charging cables, they can't just look at the price of car charging cables. They can't buy too cheap ones.


The charging cable produced by Ag adopts two-color injection molding, and the handshake part is soft glue, which makes it feel more comfortable, and has the following advantages:

① The built-in temperature monitoring module can monitor the real-time temperature during charging, so as to avoid the burning problem caused by too high temperature rise and protect the personal safety of users.

② Super waterproof performance, it can also charge electric vehicles normally in rainy climate.

③ The external mechanical lock of the button can play the role of anti-theft.

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