Restoration of the entire line of the Duku Highway and the addition of new parking spaces, charging stations

Restoration of the entire line of the Duku Highway and the addition of new parking spaces, charging stations


On June 18th, the entire line of the Duku Highway in Xinjiang resumed operation. This landscape avenue runs through the backbone of Tianshan Mountain, and the scenery along the way is magnificent, forming a natural Landscape painting scroll of more than 500 kilometers.


Duku Highway starts from Dushanzi District of Karamay City in the north and ends at Kuche City of Aksu Prefecture in the south, with a total length of 561km, and half of the road sections are above 2000m above sea level. Affected by natural factors such as winter snowfall and freezing in the Tianshan Mountains, traffic control is generally implemented from early November to May or June of the following year, with a closure period of up to 8 months.

"One day has four seasons and ten miles have different days". Duku Highway is known as one of the most beautiful highways in China, and is the best tourist route from northern Dzungaria to southern Xinjiang. Along the way, you can enjoy the Dushanzi Grand Canyon, Tangbula Grassland, Bayanbulak Grassland National Nature Reserve and other famous scenic spots. In order to cope with the arrival of the peak tourist flow, Xinjiang cultural and tourism, highway management, traffic police and other departments issued plans in advance, including plans to solve traffic congestion and tourists' centralized diversion, new temporary parking spaces and several tourist toilets, new energy electric vehicle Charging station, etc., to further improve the convenience and comfort of tourists.


AG believes that with the support of policies, domestic manufacturing and operating companies with a deeper layout of Charging station will have better opportunities. Among them, the increase in the number of electric vehicles in first tier cities will continue to drive the demand for public charging, and operating enterprises will benefit; The supporting facilities of Charging station in the third and fourth tier cities are backward. In order to cooperate with Alternative fuel vehicle going to the countryside, the construction of Charging station sinking into the market will drive the demand for equipment manufacturing. It is expected that equipment enterprises will see new orders in the future.

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