The Charging Time Utilization Method of Electric Vehicle Charging Piles

The Charging Time Utilization Method of Electric Vehicle Charging Piles

Compared with the five-minute refueling for petrol-powered cars, the charging time for an electric car ranges from half an hour to eight hours. The wide charging time range is mainly determined by different electric vehicle charging solutions. The charging pile of a DC electric vehicle can fully charge an electric vehicle in an average of 40 minutes, but it is easy to shorten the battery life. The charging pile for a slow-charging electric vehicle will not do any harm to battery life, but it takes 5 to 8 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle. The slow charge during the daytime is a little unbearable for the owner.


Why We Need New EV Charging Solutions?

The charging time of electric car charging piles is much longer than the refueling time of petrol-powered cars. Even if the fast charging motor car charging piles are provided so as to shorten the charging time, the owner is not necessarily willing to consume the car battery. In this case, new EV charging solutions should be adopted: There is a huge business opportunity to provide leisure and entertainment services to car owners while their electric vehicles are being charged at the charging piles.


Nowadays, many business circles are starting to pay more and more attention to the idle period of car owners during the charging time, and they have been designing new electric vehicle charging solutions. Although it is expensive to build a centralized station for electric vehicles charging piles near the commercial circles, the additional benefits it brings are very high. In order to attract the car owners who have nothing to do near the electric vehicle charging piles, many operators began to attract the attention of these owners through various apps. This is, in essence, a good reciprocal cooperation for the business district and the centralized station of electric vehicle charging piles.

The Advantages of New EV Chagring Solutions

When electric car charging piles attract enough consumers, occasional services such as advertising and other value-added charges will continue to come. In this way, the radiation range of the business circle can also be greatly expanded, and the charging business capability of the electric vehicle charging piles can be improved as well.


Wha's more, more and more electric vehicle charging pile enterprises begin to pay attention to the era of big data. Through mobile phone apps and monitoring methods, these companies take electric vehicle charging piles in various regions as coordinates to attract more users.  Electric vehicle charging piles have become the source of information collection for big data platforms, which not only provide consumers with charging services and life services, but also constantly obtain a wide range of commercial resources.

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