The electric vans are coming

The electric vans are coming

Not only families have been enthusiastic about the Renault Kangoo for more than 25 years ; The trio of Renault Kangoo Rapid, Mercedes eCitan and Nissan Townstar EV is particularly popular with tradespeople.


The Kangoo has been a driving family legend since the late 1990s and has already had a few more years on the odometer than the other two models from Mercedes ( eCitan / EQT ) and Nissan ( Townstar EV ). For the first time, it is now also available as a variable electric version, which makes it a real alternative to small trucks with combustion engines. All three are practical, but the stately prices of the high-roof station wagons should make some potential commercial customers swallow.

Anyone who thinks of a high-roof station wagon usually sees a Renault Kangoo in their mind's eye . Based on a popular 1990s ad, maybe even one that gets a rhino emotionally flushed. The basic design and genes of the Kangoo have remained largely unchanged for decades, because it is practical, variable and accompanies the family in its highly varied development with powerful sliding doors and countless shelves. But not only the price-conscious family with at least two children likes the high-built French ski boot, but also craftsmen, because the commercial vehicle version is at least as popular with tradespeople. In contrast to the passenger car variant, the previous version of the Rapid was already available as an electric version.

Trio of e-vans from Renault, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz

Craftsmen, courier services and families with children can now look forward to the new edition, because just like the sister models Mercedes eCitan / EQT and Nissan Townstar EV, the high-roof model from France is perfect for an electric drive, as top speed, long ranges and luxury equipment are not worth mentioning Play a role, because the high-roof station wagons should be one thing above all: practical.

Therefore, obvious disadvantages such as a manageable range of 285 kilometers or an all too narrow top speed of 130 km/h are of little consequence when it comes to the purchase or leasing decision. Even with an electric drive, the Renault Kangoo is one you can rely on. Open the doors, load in and at the weekend, the Frenchman, like its two sister models from Mercedes and Nissan , is a practical vehicle for hobbies and family.


E version superior to the combustion engine

In contrast to the normal Kangoo with a combustion engine, the driver feels the heavier weight of a mighty 1.8 tons, the tight cushioning of the damping, especially on the front axle, and the very smooth and quite callous steering. On the other hand, people are happy to do without manual switching operations and are happy about the two displays with seven and eight inch diagonals. It looks a little different with the Mercedes eCitan / EQT, because here there are still old analogue clocks and only a manageably large touchscreen in the middle.

This rather large-pixel screen offers information about the navigation map, sound system and comfort functions, while your own smartphone is clipped in next to it - fits. Practical, clear, Kangoo Rapid. The space available is also more than decent in the initially available version with a normal wheelbase. The XL variant, which is 25 centimeters longer, will follow at the brand trio at the end of the year.

A range of up to 300 kilometers with manageable charging capacity

Their 45 kWh battery in the underbody is sufficient for almost 300 kilometers, depending on the area of application. More than this moderate range for a vehicle of the year 2023, the untimely charging speed is annoying, because a maximum of 80 kW can hardly be described as fast charging if you are traveling longer distances and have to top up. 11 kW AC charging power is standard. 22 kW and 80 kW fast charging are only available for a surcharge, which is likely to bother tradespeople who want to recharge between customer appointments. After all, the power connection is within easy reach at the front of the radiator grille behind the respective brand signet.

As practical as the Renault Kangoo Rapid Electric is, potential customers have to get used to one thing, just like with all other electric cars: the handsome price. Because even the moderately equipped basic model costs at least 33,990 euros (each net). The Mercedes eCitan starts at 36,000 euros and the Nissan Townstar EV also at just under 34,000 euros. For all models, you should opt for the higher equipment variants, which offer, among other things, 22 kW / 80 kW charging options, heated windscreen, steering wheel heating as well as adaptive cruise control, a multimedia system and parking assistance.


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