The SAE EV Charging Connector Standard

The SAE EV Charging Connector Standard

On January 14, 2020, the International Institute of Automotive Engineers (SAE) announced the upgrading criteria for charging connectors for all-electric and semi-electric vehicles. The standard will provide the automobile industry with strict industry guidelines on the road to the future of electric vehicles (EV).

According to SAE, this is the first and only standard in the world that has been recognized by the whole industry in the car field. The standard is an updated version to the earliest J1772 standard which passed in 1996, and adds to the latest generation of cars that need to be connected to a power grid to recharge their high-powered batteries.

The standard number is J1772-Conductive Charging Interface for Electric Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles approved by the SAE Motor Vehicle Commission. The SAE J1772 standard describes in detail the physical and electrical characteristics of connectors and vehicle input interfaces, which allow vehicles to charge at 120V and 240V voltages using connectors of standard size and function. The standard not only provides convenience for consumers, but also alleviates unnecessary cost pressure brought by various charging interfaces that are not unified and standardized to automobile manufacturers, suppliers and other parties including consumers.

Connector manufacturers that meet the SAE J1772 standard may choose to have the "SAE J1772" mark on their products. Not only does the mark provide a way for consumers to identify the standard, it also assures buyers that the product with the mark is in compliance with the SAE J1772 standard. Consumers of EV and other plug-in vehicle types in the future will benefit from the standard without any confusion or uncertainty when plugging their vehicles into the home grid, workplace grid or public charging stations. AG ELECTRICAL has many types of SAE J1772 ev charging products such as sae j1772 socket, SAE EV Portable Charger and sae j1772 cable.

SAE J1772 standard allows vehicles to be charged at home, at work and at public charging stations. At present, the standard involves two charging methods:

  • AC Level 1: 120V, single phase, maximum 16A;

  • AC Level 2: 240V, single phase, maximum 80A

The SAE J1772 standard was developed by SAE in collaboration with experts from the United States, Europe and Japan. The introduction of SAE standard is at least a major step forward in the global development of EV charging.

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