What is an EV Charging Cable Adapter?

What is an EV Charging Cable Adapter?

There is a trouble in charging an electric car, that is, EV charger plug conversion problem. But don't worry, AG ELECTRICAL can solve that problem for you. EV charging cable adapter TYPE2 to GB/T is ideal for converting TYPE2 electric car to GB/T. Using Type 1 plug can easily convert your home charging device to a GB/T plug, enabling you to charge all vehicles without changing the charging unit.

The EV charging cable adapter includes:

a) Housing;

b) Grounded AC connector;

The connector extends from the first side of the connectable extension cord of the housing.

c) Jack;

It can be connected to the spindle on the second side of the test insert connector and the control pilot series connector through the AC wire plug connector and grounded plug connector provided in the housing.

d) Control circuit;

Arranged in the housing, the control circuit, by alternately controlling the connecting connector to communicate with the charging controller of the vehicle charging system, is defined as the maximum benefit of the current extracted from the AC line insertion connector exchanged by the EV charging system.

The EV charging cable adapter allows to be connected to the standard AC connector of the standard extension cord and to the circuit that provides the pilot signal for the control logic. A control adapter that provides access to the sensor signal includes a circuit for limiting current to a circuit that can be safely connected to a conventional grounded AC plug with a standard extension cord, supporting users who need to charge their vehicles in an emergency.

The control circuit provides multiple control signals to the EV charging system through controlling the pilot socket, and then provides the connection with a predetermined resistance value to the closed EV charging system.

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