Analysis and Upgrading Trends of the Global Charging Station Industry

Analysis and Upgrading Trends of the Global Charging Station Industry

China: Subsidies for the construction of charging piles on the policy side are gradually decreasing, while operating subsidies remain stable. Overall, the proportion of private piles is high, while the proportion of AC and DC in public piles is about 1: the scale of public piles is rapidly expanding in regional distribution, with the average proportion of DC public piles reaching about 62%. However, the overall efficiency still needs improvement, and the utilization rate of most cities has decreased year-on-year in 2022. The market competition is intensifying with numerous players, and the concentration of operators has declined in 2023. The overall profit model is single, and there is a serious competition for homogenization


Europe: On the policy side, countries have various policy measures to support charging infrastructure, including construction refunds and tax refunds. The DC to AC ratio in charging piles is about 1:7. The layout of charging piles in the region is uneven, and the overall power of charging piles is relatively low. Each player in the market plays their own role, and market participants include investors, CPOs, MSPs, etc. Car companies are important participants in the charging pile market.

United States: The IRA continues the charging pile policy that expires in 2021, increases subsidies for commercial piles, and sets a series of localization restrictions. The proportion of public piles accounts for 90%, and it is expected that the proportion of public piles will still be maintained under the subsidy tilt. L2 type dominates, but DC growth in most regions is significantly faster than L2 pile. The market for public communication piles is dominated by chargepoint, with Tesla leading in the layout of public DC piles (fast charging)

It is expected that the compound growth rate of the market size of charging piles in China, Europe, and the United States will reach 21%/36%/68% from 2023 to 2026. The first main line is to focus on the progress of going abroad, which requires the adoption of new technical standards but correspondingly, overseas profit margins are more abundant. The second is to pay attention to the opportunities for upgrading related components such as liquid cooling charging modules and liquid cooling charging guns brought about by the trend of upgrading under the integration of high-pressure fast charging and optical storage charging

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