Can Electric Cars be Charged in Rainy Weather

Can Electric Cars be Charged in Rainy Weather

In the event of rain, many car owners worry that rainwater will seep into the battery during the driving or charging of the electric car and cause leakage.

1. Is it dangerous to charge an electric car on rainy days?

In fact, many countries have strictly controlled the waterproof performance of charging piles, electric vehicle charging plugs, and electric vehicle charging cables to avoid accidents such as leakage during charging. As far as the electric vehicle itself is concerned, the on-board power batteries are all designed with a waterproof performance, and the charging ports are often designed with an insulating seal ring.

Therefore, even on rainy days, car owners can safely charge the electric car, but during the charging operation, pay attention to shielding and protection with umbrellas and other items as much as possible, so as to ensure that the charging port and the charging gun can always be in a dry state, and keep your hands dry to avoid electric shock when plugging and unplugging the stun gun and closing the charging cover of the vehicle. In the event of severe weather such as thunderstorms or typhoons, try not to choose outdoor charging, for personal safety is more important.

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