China's electric vehicles go to the world

China's electric vehicles go to the world

Xinhua news agency, Tokyo, April 13 (reporter Liu Chunyan) - Japan economic news recently published a series of reports on "China's electric vehicles go to the world". It is believed that China's electric vehicles are developing rapidly. Not only the domestic sales have increased greatly and the infrastructure such as charging piles are in place, but also they may become the "world factory" of electric vehicles in the future.

The report quoted the data of Elsie automobile market consulting company in the UK as saying that in 2021, the electric vehicles produced in China accounted for about 60% of the global electric vehicle production that year. The report believes that after producing nearly 70% of the world's smartphones, China is likely to become the "world factory" of electric vehicles.

The report said that the Chinese government has effectively strengthened infrastructure construction, which has played an important role in cultivating the electric vehicle market and promoting the development of electric vehicles. The report pointed out that China's electric vehicle sales have not only doubled in the domestic market, but also are entering the world market. In 2021, China's export volume of electric vehicles far exceeded that of Germany, which ranked second.

According to the report, China has a wide variety of electric vehicles, friendly prices, good design, and has the advantage of industrial agglomeration. Its influence in the world is expanding rapidly. From France, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway to Thailand and Indonesia, Chinese electric vehicles are rapidly opening up markets in Europe and Asia.

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