Deep analysis of electric vehicle charging station:charging pile charging plug plugged in can not be charged

Deep analysis of electric vehicle charging station:charging pile charging plug plugged in can not be charged


1. Why is the charging pile plug of electric vehicles so complicated?


The common plug is also divided into a variety of double holes, three holes, GB/T, IEC, SAE, let alone electric car charging pile, an equipment so complex.


No matter how fast the pile is, the ev charging plug of the pile contains many electrode contacts. Generally speaking, only the largest contacts in the middle are the ones that transmit power. The small contacts around the pile are mainly used to provide communication between the charging pile and the electric vehicle.


As mentioned above, there are many standards for ordinary plugs, and the same is true for electric car charging plugs. At present, the charging plug standards of various countries are not unified. There are GB/T, IEC, SAE, Chademo and other differences, among which the IEC appeared later, in the function reservation is more sufficient, reflected in the appearance of more contacts.


2. EV charging plug should be matched with the vehicle to charge


Charging an electric car is not the same as charging a phone. Small electronic devices such as mobile phones can be charged as long as the interface pair, but the charging pile of electric cars is different, has its own require, you have to meet the requirements to complete the charging process.


Electric vehicles are high-voltage, high-current and large-capacity electrical equipment, and their charging is a very complicated process in control. Charging piles and vehicles must complete compatible agreements before charging. Otherwise, improper charging control may cause danger.


When the electric vehicle charging plug into the car, start charging pile, pile and charging electric cars between must first complete a process of "communication", charging pile to the plug and electric cars are properly connected and whether the leakage and a series of tests, at the same time, to check whether can obtain the vehicle battery charging pile in all kinds of parameters, and with the vehicle's battery or charger correct communication. Only in this way can the charging pile effectively and safely control the entire charging process of the vehicle. When the charging pile cannot communicate with the ev correctly, there will be the incompatibility phenomenon that the ev charging plug cannot charge the car even though it is well connected and the charging pile has recognized the NORMAL insertion of the EV charging plug.


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