Do You Know Which Cable is Needed to Install a New Energy Vehicle Charging Pile?

Do You Know Which Cable is Needed to Install a New Energy Vehicle Charging Pile?

Electric vehicle charging pile is a very common electric vehicle charging energy supply equipment, but there are still many people who do not know how many square meters of charging cable are needed to install the charging pile. The thickness of the wiring harness of the charging pile cannot be unified. It is mainly determined by the storage capacity of the charging pile and the voltage that the wiring harness bears when the power is flowing. In general, the charging cable of the charging pile is much thicker than other wires. Now we will learn how to choose the appropriate type of electric vehicle charging cable when installing the charging pile.

1. AC charging piles are divided into single-phase and three-phase. Regardless of three-phase or single-phase, it must first be converted to how large the AC incoming line current is.

(1) For single-phase charging pile (AC charging pile) I=P/U

(2) For three-phase charging pile (DC charging pile) I=P/(U*1.732)

After calculating the current in this way, select the corresponding electric vehicle cables according to the current.

2. For cable selection, please refer to related manuals or regulations such as:

(1) Single-phase charging piles are generally 7KW (AC charging piles). I=P/U=7000/220=32A. A copper core cable of 4 square millimeters should be used.

(2) Three-phase charging pile (DC pile)

15KW current 23A cable 4 square millimeters

30KW current 46A cable 10 square millimeters

60KW current 92A cable 25 square millimeters

90KW current 120A cable 35 square millimeters

120KW current 250A cable 70 square millimeters

All charging piles should have a neutral wire and a ground wire. Therefore, a three-core cable is required for single-phase and a five-core cable for three-phase. As a professional supplier of electric vehicle charging system parts,  AG Electrical promises to provide you with a variety of electric vehicle charging cable types that best suit your needs, such as type 2 to type 1 charging cables. In addition, our company can also provide you with high-quality different charging plugs and sockets for electric vehicles. Welcome to AG Electrical for purchase.

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