How Do We Know if an EV Charger is Broken?

How Do We Know if an EV Charger is Broken?

1. External causes of damage to electric vehicle chargers

Electric car chargers have a normal life of 5-8 years. In fact, electric car chargers are mature products, difficult to damage, most of the damage is caused by external causes. The peak time of charger damage is during the hot, rainy and humid summer.

The external cause is: the charging environment is not well ventilated and high temperature, it’s easy to burn the charger for a long time. The electric vehicle charger fan is damaged and cannot dissipate heat, causing high temperature damage to the charger. Get caught in the rain or brush the electric car charger into water, resulting in a short circuit inside the charger burned out. Power plug long-term bad contact, voltage instability resulting in damage to the charger. There are also cases where the 220 volt EV charger is connected to 380V by mistake, it resulting in high-voltage breakdown of the charger components.


2. Common sense of fault detection (low voltage below 96V)

The current electric car chargers are mostly intelligent chargers. During the test, the output terminal must be connected to the battery, and the charger will normally output current only when it recognizes the voltage, if not connected, the output is 0. For 48V charger, the terminal voltage of the battery is lower than 42V, the charger does not work. For a 60V charger, the terminal voltage of the battery is lower than 52.5V, the charger does not work. For 72V charger, the battery terminal voltage is lower than 63V, the charger does not work. The old chargers will burn if they are connected in the opposite direction. The new charge has reverse connection protection, if the positive and negative chargers are connected in reverse, they will just not run, will not damage the electric car charger.

3. Can electric car chargers be repaired?

The answer is yes, it can be repaired. As long as the electric car charger is not

filled with potting inside, it can be repaired. And it is recommended that the ordinary charger of a low speed car should not be repaired. Now a new charger is very cheap, high efficiency, good quality, and energy saving. It is also more intelligent and does not save money on repair.

As a professional manufacturer of electric vehicle charging equipment, AG Electrical reminds you that you need to use the correct way of electric vehicle maintenance.

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