How to Charge an EV imported from China?

How to Charge an EV imported from China?



To charge an electric vehicle (EV) imported from China, you will need to follow the following steps:


1.Locate a charging station: There are a variety of charging networks and stations available in Europe, including Fastned, Ionity, and Tesla Superchargers. You can use an app or website to find the nearest charging station to your location.


2. Connect the charging cable: Once you have found a charging station, park your EV near the charging station and connect the charging cable from the station to your vehicle's charging port. Make sure the cable is securely connected to both the station and your vehicle.

Well, choose the right cable is vital.

First, you need to recognize the GBT charging interface in your car correctly.

                                EV-2.jpg        ev-3.jpg

                                                        AC                                                          DC

Then, confirm which type of the charging station you will use. Different hardware requires different cable.

In Europe, charge with a socket station. You ought to use this cable:


To charge with a cable equipped station:



In America, usually use this type:



3.Start the charging process: Depending on the charging station, you may need to activate the charging process using a card, an app, or a web interface. Some charging stations may require a payment before the charging process begins, while others may be free to use.


4.Monitor the charging process: While the vehicle is charging, you can monitor the charging process using the vehicle's onboard display or an app. The charging time will depend on the battery capacity, the charging speed, and the charging station you are using.


5.Disconnect the charging cable: Once the charging process is complete, disconnect the charging cable from your vehicle and the charging station. Make sure the cable is properly stored for next time.


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