Common Types And Differences Of Charging Piles For New Energy Electric Vehicles

Common Types And Differences Of Charging Piles For New Energy Electric Vehicles

In daily life, do you know what types of charging piles are? The following is to introduce the types of charging piles.

1. For installation conditions, it is mainly divided into vertical charging piles and wall-mounted charging piles

Vertical charging piles do not need to lean against a wall and are suitable for outdoor or residential parking spaces, while wall-mounted charging piles must be fixed by the wall and are suitable for indoor and underground parking spaces.

2. For service objects, it is mainly divided into public charging piles, appropriative charging piles and self-use charging piles

Public charging piles are purchased by public service organizations such as government, and is for any electric vehicle owner, such as public parking lots.

The appropriative charging piles are mostly built for enterprises, serving for customers and internal personnel, such as shopping mall parking lots.

The self-use charging pile is a private charging pile, installed in the private area, not open to the public.

Common Types And Differences Of Charging Piles For New Energy Electric Vehicles

3. For the protection level of installation site, it is mainly divided into indoor charging pile and outdoor charging pile

The protection level of indoor charging piles should reach at least IP32 or above, and outdoor charging piles need to face the harsh environment of wind and rain, better insulation and lightning protection conditions, and the protection level should reach at least IP54 to ensure the safety of human body and charging equipment.

4. For number of charging interfaces, it is mainly divided into one pile for one charge and one pile for multiple charge

At present, charging piles in the market are mainly one pile for one charge. In large parking lots like bus parking lots, multi-charge charging piles are needed to support charging of multiple electric vehicles, which not only speeds up charging efficiency, but also saves labor.

5. For charging type, it is mainly divided into AC charging pile and DC charging pile

Ac charging piles generally have low current, small body, flexible installation, and generally take 6-8 hours to be fully charged, they are suitable for small electric vehicles and are mostly used in public parking lots, large shopping centers and community garages. However, DC charging piles generally have high current, larger charging capacity, larger body and larger occupied area in a short period of time. Dc charging pile is suitable for fast DC charging of electric buses, minibuses, hybrid buses, electric cars, taxi and so on.

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