How to Conduct Electric Vehicle Charging

How to Conduct Electric Vehicle Charging

With the popularization of electric vehicles, the problem of electric vehicle charging has become a very big safety hazard. Because there are no comprehensive regulations on the use of charging stations, many electric vehicle owners use charging stations indiscriminately. When using a new car, be sure to carefully read the new car user manual, which contains detailed information about the car, such as specific requirements for charging the new car, different brands and models of cars have certain differences. How to properly use the charging station for electric vehicle charging?

1. Master the correct electric vehicle charging time and method

The normal charging time of the battery is generally around 8-10 hours, and the car battery, like a normal battery, must avoid overcharging or long-term undercharging, which can shorten the life of the battery. Therefore, remember to arrange for electric vehicle charging in advance when traveling to avoid insufficient power during travel.

To charge an electric vehicle using a charging station, you need to know how to use it. Taking a shared charging station as an example, the charging station usually has a QR code logo. After registering and logging in by scanning the code, you can use it. Insert the charging gun on the charging station into the electric vehicle connection port. After the electric vehicle is successfully connected to the charging station, click "Scan Code Charging" on the phone screen. After the charge is completed, click "Stop Charging" in the service account and then unplug the charging cable.

2. Don't unplug the charging gun that is performing electric vehicle charging

Because there are still relatively few electric vehicle charging stations, congestion is a serious problem at charging stations. Some car owners are impatient and unplug the still powered charging gun. This not only damages the car battery but also causes considerable damage to the charging station. Therefore, even if you are in a hurry, please wait until the charging gun stops working before unplugging it.

There are few shared charging stations and many cars waiting in line to charge. In addition, some residential areas do not allow the installation of private charging stations. In desperation, many car owners choose to use a long charging board from home and a portable car charger to charge their electric vehicles, but this behavior is very dangerous and can cause circuit short circuit and even vehicle combustion.

3. Turn off the car lights and air conditioning during electric vehicle charging

When charging an electric vehicle, be sure to remember to turn off the car lights, because the power of the car lights belongs to the electric vehicle battery, not the car's power battery. So, if you forget to turn off the lights, the result is that even if the power battery is full, the car still cannot be driven because the battery has no voltage to start the engine. Don't use the air conditioning while charging, as using air conditioning during electric vehicle charging is like using your phone while charging, which can affect battery activity and reduce battery life.

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