How to Prolong the Lifespan of Electric Vehicle Cables?

How to Prolong the Lifespan of Electric Vehicle Cables?

Generally speaking, the service life of electric vehicle cables is shortened due to improper operation during use. In addition, electric vehicle cables will age after a certain number of years of use, especially those used in home decoration. The causes of aging during actual use are various. How to extend the service life of electric vehicle cables?

Service life of electric vehicle cables

The length of service life of electric vehicle cables depends on the quality of the cables, the installation environment, and the use environment. The insulation performance of electric vehicle cables mainly depends on the external plastic insulation layer. With time, it will be corroded by corrosive gases, insulation performance will gradually decrease, aging will be slow, and it will become hard, brittle or fall off. At this time, it will not function as an insulator. The loss of insulation performance of electric vehicle cables is extremely dangerous. If two electric vehicle cables are in contact, or if electric vehicle cables come in contact with something connected to the ground, power operation will occur, raising the temperature of the local electric vehicle cable and creating sparks. If there are flammable substances near the electric vehicle cable, it is easy to cause a fire and fire.

Methods to extend the service life of electric vehicle cables

Therefore, the following points can be noted during use to effectively extend the cable's service life:

Avoid human damage

Wires laid directly on the outer walls must be careful not to be damaged by humans. The wire mainly relies on the outer insulation layer for insulation. When the wire ages, hardens, becomes brittle or falls off, the surface insulation performance will decrease.

Pay attention to moisture prevention

Electric vehicle cables should pay attention to moisture prevention. When it is damp, water entering the metal conductor is more likely to cause a short circuit and leakage, which not only affects the service life of the wire, but also is prone to accidents.

Prevent aging caused by exposure to sunlight

Electric vehicle cables should not be exposed to sunlight, and the ambient temperature should not be too high. Because ultraviolet radiation will accelerate the aging of the cable, thereby shortening the service life.

Pay attention to storage

When storing wires, it is strictly forbidden to come into contact with acid, alkali, mineral oil, etc. and isolate them from these corrosive substances. Try to avoid exposing the cable in the open air.

Regular inspection

During normal use, the use of the line should be checked regularly, and maintenance, upkeep, and replacement should be carried out in a timely manner.

Therefore, in daily life, measures should be taken to slow down circuit aging, exposed electric vehicle cables should be moisture-proofed, and electric vehicle cables of different voltage requirements should choose cables of different sizes. If aging or damaged power lines are replaced in a timely manner, the replacement should conform to the specifications of the original power line.

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