New Electric Vehicle Fast Charger

New Electric Vehicle Fast Charger

As the living standards of people are getting higher and higher, traffic jam gradually becomes an inevitable phenomenon in cities, which makes people feel uncomfortable in traffic travel. Moreover, since electric vehicles are likely to run out of power at any time, the breaking down on the half way is always a big headache for car owners.


The charging speed of electric vehicles depends on the charging power of the electric fast charger.

At present, the charging power of household electric vehicle charging piles in China using alternating current is mostly within 10 kW, which is also called as slow charging. The system that uses direct current to charge at a power of about 50-60 kW is called quick charging.


Having slow charging efficiency, electric cars take a long time to charge. Aiming to meet the demands of the current market, AG Electrical has been focusing on promoting the research and development of ultra-fast electric fast chargers for a while, so as to meet the demand of electric vehicles with higher power chargers.


Because of its small physical size and small footprint, our charging location or system can be designed flexibly to meet the requirements of the surrounding environment, which makes AG Electrical an ideal choice for charging development projects. In addition, our charger can also be extended to ensure the suitability for future use.


Therefore, the electric fast charger of AG Electrical can indeed meet the current needs of people in ultra-fast charging technology.  If you find our electric fast charger attractive, please feel free to contact us for more information!

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