New energy vehicle charging new posture, how much do you know?

New energy vehicle charging new posture, how much do you know?


1. Dont charge immediately after high temperature exposure


After a long time of exposure, the temperature of the power box rises, leading to a rise in the temperature of the battery. If charge it immediately, it will accelerate the aging and damage of the lines.


2. Dont charge during a thunderstorm



When it rains and thunders, do not charge for avoid lightning strike, that will cause combustion accidents.


3. Dont turn on the air conditioner when charging


If turn on the air conditioner when charging, will increase the charge load inside the battery, accelerate the battery attenuation of the power battery pack and reduce the battery service life.


4. Dont stay in the car while charging


In the process of charging, there are high voltage, high current and other risk factors, although the probability of accident is very low, still need pay attention.


5. Reasonable arrangement of charging and discharging


Overcharge, over-discharge and undercharge can shorten the battery life to some extent. So charging reasonable and discharging is conducive to "activate" the battery and improve its service life.


6. Choose EV charger in line with national standards


This not only protects the car battery, but also protects their own safety.


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