Requirements for charging cable in daily electric vehicle charging

Requirements for charging cable in daily electric vehicle charging

The importance of vehicle charging cable when charging an electric vehicle, it is inseparable from the vehicle charging cable. As a special component such as the vehicle charging cable, charging an electric vehicle has a vital purpose. However, with the deepening of the vehicle scene, there are more and more charging uses. In order to better complete the charging, therefore, The charging process puts forward higher requirements for the car charging cable

So What are the requirements for the charging cable in daily electric vehicle charging?


For the requirements of automobile charging cable, there are requirements for specifications, models, quality and other factors. From the perspective of specifications and low resistance value of automobile charging cable, the requirements for wires need to meet the power of charger. If the power is too low, it is prone to heating and spontaneous combustion. Therefore, the selection needs to be made according to the power of charger, According to the power of the charger charged by the pure electric vehicle, the power of the household slow charging charger matched with the vehicle is basically about 3.5kw to 1.6kw, depending on the size of the battery capacity. Taking the power of the charger as about 3.3kw, for example, the maximum power that the socket and wire of household appliances can withstand is about 3.5KW. According to the size of the copper core wire of the wire, 2.5 mm2 is enough. 2.5 square meters can load 16A-25A with a power of about 5.5KW. Of course, if the charging distance of the electric vehicle is relatively long, the requirements for the wire will be higher, which requires the resistance of the wire to be lower. In terms of the size of the charging wire of the electric vehicle, the charging and discharging process of the electric vehicle is due to the long time and high current intensity, If the cable is used frequently, the current passing through will be greater; In this case, 4 square wires can be used. 4 square wires can carry 35a-40a current, which can reach nearly 8kw in terms of power. Generally speaking, for the requirements of the vehicle charging cable used for electric vehicle charging, on the basis of ensuring its good insulation performance, the vehicle charging cable should have high heat resistance and aging resistance. At the same time, the vehicle charging cable should have good low smoke and flame retardant characteristics during combustion.

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