What Is the Difference Between Electric Car Charging Stations and Electric Car Charging Piles?

What Is the Difference Between Electric Car Charging Stations and Electric Car Charging Piles?

EV Charging Stations

Electric car charging stations are public charging stations for electric cars. With the popularization of electric cars, electric car charging stations will become the focus of the development in automobile industry and energy industry. Electric car charging stations can better solve the problem of fast charging, energy saving and emission reduction.

Electric Car Charging Piles

The function of charging piles is like that of tankers in gas stations. Charging piles can be fixed on the ground or wall and installed in public buildings, residential parking lots or public electric car charging stations. They can be used to charge various types of electric cars according to different voltage levels. The input end of the charging piles is directly connected with the AC power grid, and the output end is equipped with charging plugs for charging electric cars. Charging piles generally provide two charging modes: regular charging and quick charging. People can swipe a specific charging card on the human-computer interaction interface provided by the charging pile to carry out corresponding operations such as charging mode, charging time, cost data printing, etc. The display screen of charging pile can display charging amount, cost, charging time and other data.

The Difference Between EV Charging Stations and EV Charging Piles

Electric car charging stations are stations where electric cars are charged, which are similar to gas stations today. Charging stations can be divided into four sub-modules according to their functions: distribution system, charging system, battery scheduling system and charging station monitoring system. Charging stations are generally divided into three ways to charge cars: ordinary charging, quick charging and battery replacement. The regular charging is AC charging using 220V or 380V voltage. The quick charging is mostly DC charging. The main equipment of the charging station includes charging machines, charging piles, active filter devices and power monitoring systems.

Public electric car charging stations and electric car charging piles are two concepts. Electric car charging piles are fixed on the ground, and they provide AC electric energy for electric cars with on-board chargers by using special charging interface and conduction mode. They have corresponding communication, charging and safety protection functions.

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