Have You Ever Used Portable EV Charging Cable? Does It Work?

Have You Ever Used Portable EV Charging Cable? Does It Work?

Technology determines how high an enterprise can fly, and quality determines how far it can fly. The market is flooded with portable EV charging cables that manufacturers give away for free, but some owners haven't even opened the packaging. Such a small charging line can be a life-saving straw of your car when it runs out of electricity, but if this "straw" also strikes, just imagine how terrible the journey could be. Although the portable EV charging cable can only work with the slow charging mode, it can still supplement your car at any time as long as there is electricity. Thus, as the EV charging network has not been popularized yet, portable EV charging cable is still an effective supplement device and you need to pay close attention to your portable EV charging cable.


As it is widely tested by the market, portable EV car charger normally has the following three problems:


1. Perhaps due to cost considerations or technical considerations, chargers installed in different brands of electric vehicles are found to be having different power sizes. Therefore, different vehicles need different overload currents.

2. Because the portable EV charging cable is generally used with civil sockets, and the quality of the civil socket is not so high, the plug of the portable EV charging cable often does not match the socket. The over-long charging time will cause high temperature, deformation, burning and other conditions to the charger plug.


3. The control box of the portable EV charging cable is also a problem. Most control boxes are at the joint of the control board and the cable connection, and the temperature increase may cause the board to burn due to the long time of overcurrent.


In response to the above problems, AG Electrical has launched a top-quality, fully compatible, half-cost and portable charger to address the above concerns for our customers.

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