Why Use Portable Electric Vehicle Charger?

Why Use Portable Electric Vehicle Charger?

Electric vehicle owners may find themselves in this situation when driving to a destination: their car is out of power, what should they do?

1. You need a portable electric vehicle charger

Electric cars have many benefits, but they also have a small drawback. They need to be charged frequently. What if your laptop runs out of power just a few minutes before an important meeting with your boss? Or worse, what if your car battery dies while you're driving? A portable electric vehicle charger is needed, which can be used to charge your electric car and drive a few more kilometers. This is enough to drive to a nearby charging station.

2. Reasons for using a portable electric vehicle charger

There are many benefits to using a portable electric vehicle charger, from increasing convenience to flexibility. Here are some reasons why every electric car owner should have at least one portable electric vehicle charger.

Convenience when home charging is tricky: Home charging is the most common way for electric car owners to charge. However, home charging can be tricky. You may not have installed a dedicated electric car charging system at home, or you may not be able to charge your vehicle overnight. In this case, a portable electric vehicle charger can be very helpful. You can charge your electric car at a charging station and carry a portable charging station with you. If your electric car runs out of power while driving, and the next charging station is a few miles away, a portable electric vehicle charger can add those few miles.

Extra range for long-distance travel: Another benefit of a portable charger is that it can add extra range to your car. Most electric cars can drive 150-300 miles when fully charged. A portable electric vehicle charger can add an extra 15-75 miles. Don't panic about lack of charging: What if your car breaks down because it runs out of power? A portable ev car battery charger can help you in this terrifying situation. You can charge your vehicle and add a few miles of range, allowing you to drive to one of the nearest charging stations.

Higher speed and flexibility: Not every electric car owner can install a wall-mounted charging station. Even if you do, it will be a level 1 charger, which takes several hours to charge your car. Most portable electric vehicle chargers are level 2 products, so they charge much faster than home chargers.

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