Will Electric Vehicles Remove Car Chargers?

Will Electric Vehicles Remove Car Chargers?

Before answering this question, we first need to understand two questions:

1. What is EV car charger OBC?

EV car chargers, such as the type 2 car charger produced by AG Electrical, are mainly composed of power circuits (rectifier + PFC + phase-shifted full bridge & LLC) and control circuits. As a car power electronic component, it is mainly used as an AC/DC converter during vehicle charging.

2. What are the current mainstream electric vehicle charging methods?

At present, the main electric vehicle charging methods are DC fast charging and AC slow charging. For electric vehicles, the biggest difference between fast and slow charging is: slow charging, the external power source needs to pass through the on-board charger to convert AC to DC before charging the battery. For fast charging, external charging devices, such as DC electric vehicle chargers, have converted AC to DC to directly charge the battery.

3. Will the electric car charger be removed for electric vehicles?

If the on-board charger is abolished, the biggest problem is that all AC charging piles on the market cannot be used. At the moment when DC charging piles are not yet popular, it will inevitably lead to a lot of waste of charging resources. In addition, due to cost considerations, the current vehicle-mounted piles equipped by car companies are also exchange-slow piles. Therefore, at this stage, the time to cancel the car charger has not come.

So why do electric vehicle charger manufacturers propose to cancel car chargers? In fact, it is also a solution for cost considerations. If the car charger is abolished, the cost of the entire vehicle will definitely drop. It is also a solution to equip the vehicle with a 20KW DC pile. The overall cost of the two is about 8,000, which is actually the same, but the biggest problem is that not all communities have capacitors installed with 20KW truck-mounted piles, and there is a big obstacle to popularization.

In summary, considering that the terminal has a large number of AC pile charging resources, equipment costs and terminal installation conditions, the probability of canceling the on-board charger at this stage is unlikely. Consumers can still safely buy type 2 car charging cables, and various type 2 plug EVs.

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