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DC Charging Cable Characteristics

DC Charging Cable Characteristics

With the increasing number of new energy vehicles, new energy and environment-protection travel have gradually become a new lifestyle. Therefore, more and more charging piles appear in life, so the electric vehicle DC charging cables have become the "heart" of charging banks. 

Electric vehicle DC charging cables are commonly called "electric vehicle fast chargers." During the charging process, the DC charging cables' input voltage adopts three-phase four-wire AC380V±15%, the frequency is 50Hz, and the output is adjustable direct current, which can directly power the electric vehicle and achieve fast-charging requirements. 

Electric vehicle DC fast chargers have high-quality performance and mainly applied in charging pile systems, floor-mounted charging piles, and wall-mounted charging piles. The voltage is 1KV (DC), the test voltage is 6000V/min (DC), fixed installation: 4 × outer diameters of cable, mobile installation: 7.5× outer diameter of the cable or smaller temperature range, fixed installation: -50℃~90℃, installation temperature: -40℃~90℃. The DC charging cable has excellent oil resistance and superior resistance to chemicals, acids, alkalis, solvents, and various hydraulic oils. It is UV resistant and has excellent solar aging properties, making it suitable for outdoor use. It has flame resistance characteristics, comforts to IED adopts a special structure, and can be customized to specifications.

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