Towline Cable

Towline Cable

Product model: 

TFPC—SB series (UL2464)-Towline Power Cable, TFEC series (UL20276)-Towline Encoder Cable, TFEC—SB series—Towline Encoder Cable

Features: Great flex cable, it used in robot and machine tool reciprocating encoder cables

Distance: ≤50m, Speed≤10m/s

Sheath: Flame-retardant Heat-resistance PVC, Flame-retardant polyurethane

Insulation resistance:100MΩ.km  (20℃), 15MΩ.km (20℃), 20MΩ.km (20℃)

AG towline cable acquires all safety and production certificates in cable filed: UL/c-UL, ROHS, CE, Core identification.

It has more than 12 core color repetition (white, brown, green, yellow, gray, pink, blue, red, black, purple, orange, transparent),

Each number corresponds to an insulation color separation (can be combined and matched).

Towline cable Characteristic:

Bending resistance: it can withstand 20-50 million times of bending movement.

Torsional resistance: it can withstand 10-20 million times of torsional movement.

Oil resistance: oil resistant and flame-retardant materials are used to adapt to all kinds of oil working environment to ensure the stability and safety of products.

Hydrolysis Resistance: It can be used normally even in special environment.

Drag Resistance: The cable is strong and can be used normally under normal dragging, and will not break easily.

Applicable environment: - 40℃~+ 80℃

Conductor: Tinned annealed copper

Rated voltage: 30V, 300V

Insulation: Special Heat-resistance PVC, High strength elastomer

Voltage withstand test: AC2.0kV/min, AC0.5kV/min

Shield: Tinned annealed copper

Sheath: Flame-retardant Heat-resistance PVC, Flame-retardant polyurethane

Insulation resistance:100MΩ.km  (20℃), 15MΩ.km (20℃), 20MΩ.km (20℃)

Towline cable installation notice

Installation of the cables: it wasn't twisted. Don't take out of cable along the direction above the reel or bobbin, because it will cause torsion force to the cable before wiring and affect cable life cycle.

The cable couldn't be packed too tight or too loose during wiring because the cable will be bent in tube and affect life cycle, if too loose it will have big friction to tube and wear cable sheath if too tight.

Towline Cable Application

Suitable for installation under continuous reciprocating motion, especially in frequent bending situations in industrial environments such as: drag chain scenes, woodworking machinery, machine tool processing equipment, robot systems, industrial automation applications, logistics conveyor systems, crane machinery, etc.

Cable Scope

Nominal cross section areaConductor composition  (diameter)Diameter of insulationMax.conductor DC resistance (20℃)No.of pairsApprox.overall diameterPermissible currentRecommendation min.bend radius
AWG  (mm²)mmmmΩ/km/mmAmm
25AWG0.2mm²40/0.08 (0.58mm)1.1511926.2337.2
21AWG0.5mm²3/33/0.08 (1.14mm)1.746.927.57.245
19AWG0.75mm²7/20/0.08 (1.24mm)1.829.

Note: Above are the standard products also we can on customer requirement.

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