Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

Electric Vehicle Charging Cable




This cable is used for charging equipment for electric vehicle and charging port, or for control systems of charging saturation, safety warning and other control signal transfer function of the vehicle charging and discharging.

Flex Resistance: it has a tendency to be uneasy to bend

Anti-EMI: anti electromagnetic interference

Zero Halogen: safe, halogen free

Oil Resistance: it can resist oil from staining or sticking to the device

Abrasion Resistance: the material of the product has a high hardness and is able to resist scratches from rough objects

Low-speed Charging: The impact on the battery is relatively small, but it is time consuming.


Electric Vehicle Charging Cable Paramerter

ConductorBare copper
InsulationSpecial elastomer
SheathSpecial elastomer
Rated voltage450/750W
Voltage withstand testAc2.5kV/5min
Insulation resistance≥3670MΩ·km(20℃)

AG Electric Vehicle Charging Cable acquires all safety and production certificates in electrical filed, GB/T 33594, RoHS, TUV  (Rheinland), CE.

Core identification


Sheath identification

Organ or black, also we can have other colors from customers' requirement.

Cable scope

Cable compositionConductor compositionDiameter of insulationMax.conductor DC resistance(20℃)Approx.overall diameterPermisible current
3X2.5mm²+2x0.75mm²2.5mm²: 80/
0.75mm²: 42/0.152.426
5X2.5mm²+2x0.75mm²2.5mm²: 80/
0.75mm²: 42/0.152.426
3X6.0mm²+2x0.75mm²6.0mm²: 189/
0.75mm²: 42/0.152.426
5X6.0mm²+4x0.75mm²(P2)6.0mm²: 189/
0.75mm²2: 42/0.152.426
5X16.0mm²+4x0.75mm²(P2)16.0mm²: 504/
0.75mm²: 42/0.152.426
3X6.0mm²+2x4.0mm²+2x(2x0.75)(P2)+6x0.75mm²6.0mm²: 189/
6.0mm²: 189/
6.0mm²: 189/0.202.626
3X10.0mm²+2x4.0mm²+2x(2x0.75)(P2)+6x0.75mm²10.0mm²: 315/0.2061.9125.540
4.0mm²: 224/
0.75mm²: 189/0.202.626

Note: About are the standard products also we can design on customer requirement.

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