Photovoltaic Cable

Photovoltaic Cable




It applies to flexible single-core cables  (cords) for use at the DC-side of photovoltaic-systems with a maximum permissible voltage of DC 1.8kV (conductor/conductor, non earthed system)

Flex Resistance: it has a tendency to be uneasy to bend

UV Resistance: this product has an excellent resistance to UV rays

Low Smoke Zero Halogen: fire safety and halogen free no harm to human body

Oil Resistance: it can resist oil from staining or sticking to the device

Chemical Resistance: the material of the product has a high hardness and is able to resist scratches from rough objects

Ozon Resistance: Ozone is a stronger oxidant than oxygen. It can oxidize at a lower temperature. For example, it can oxidize silver to silver peroxide, oxidize lead sulfide to lead sulfate, and react with potassium iodide to form iodine. Turpentine and gas can self ignite in ozone. Ozon resistance can against ozon.

Temperature: -40℃~+90℃  

Photovoltaic Cable Parameter

AG Photovoltaic Cable acquires all safety and production certificates in electrical filed, RoHS, TUV (Rheinland), CE.

AG Photovoltaic Cable also acquires all safety and production Standard in 2Pf G1169/08.07.

ConductorTinned annealed copper
SheathFlame-retardant XLPE
Rated voltageAC 0.6/1kV; DC 1.8kV
Voltage withstand testAc6.5kV/min
Insulation resistance15MΩ·km(20℃)

Note: This product insulation, sheath color are black, also we can have other colors from customers' requirements.

Cable Scope

Nominal cross section areaConductor compositionDiameter of insulationMax conductor DC resistance(20℃)Approx.overall diameterPermissible current

Note: Above are the standard products also we can design on customer requirement.

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