Electric Car Charger Extension Cords

Electric Car Charger Extension Cords

1. Understand electric car charger extension cords

Electric car charger extension cord is the carrier connecting electric car and charging pile, its main function is to transmit electricity. With the development of charging technology, for better complete the charging process, communication between the electric vehicle and the charging pile is required, and automatic control is required when necessary. The safety of electric vehicles has become a major concern. Due to the long time, high current intensity and high frequency of charging cable, the safety of the charging and discharging process of electric vehicles should be attached great importance.  Therefore, The charging process puts forward higher requirements on the cable, charging cable not only needs to play the role of power transmission, but also needs to transfer the status and information of vehicle and power battery to the charging pile for real-time interaction, under necessary conditions, the charging action should be controlled so that the charging process can be completed safely and reliably.


2. Precautions for use of electric vehicle charging extension cord

If it is an ordinary electric vehicle, the charger current is generally around 15A, so the output end of the charger can use 16 meters and 4 square meters of electric vehicle charging extension cord. But pay attention, on the basis of ensuring good insulation performance, the electric vehicle charging extension cord should have high heat resistance and aging resistance, and at the same time, it should have good low smoke flame retardant characteristics during combustion, so as to ensure that the loss and damage will be minimized in case of accidents.

It is recommended to charge the battery every day, so that the battery is in a shallow cycle, the life of the battery will be extended. In the process of using EV charging extension cord, the charging time and frequency should be accurately grasped according to the actual situation. Overcharge, over-discharge, and undercharge would shorten battery life.

As a professional manufacturer of electric vehicle charging equipment, AG Electrical reminds you that you need to use the correct way of electric vehicle maintenance.

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