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Germany Top Three Tycoons Finally Made an Agreement

Germany Top Three Tycoons Finally Made an Agreement

Germany Top Three Tycoons finally made an agreement this week.

Germany Top Three Tycoons, the Volkswagen Group, Daimler Group, and BMW Group persuaded by the German automotive industry association, have made an agree on the future automotive strategy. This week they unanimously decided that the future belongs to electric vehicles, including pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. They will take concerted action in the infrastructure construction, the subsidy policy, and technical aspects. The German government estimates that the country will increase 300,000 charging stations and 10 million electric vehicles by 2030, while accelerating the construction of hydrogen and gas refueling stations.

In previous negotiations, Volkswagen group and BMW group had arguments. BMW wanted to increase subsidies and support for hydrogen and other forms of new energy power in addition to electric vehicles, while Volkswagen wanted to focus only on pure electric vehicles. The final agreement states that the three groups do not believe that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will become a mature and competitive mass production technology within the next 10 years.

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