How to Choose the New Energy Vehicle Charging Extension Cable?

How to Choose the New Energy Vehicle Charging Extension Cable?

If you do not have the charging conditions, you need to use the electric vehicle cable to connect the home socket with the portable electric charger through the door and window to realize the electric car charging. Then the car charging extension cable is very important to you. So how should the EV extension cable of new energy vehicles be selected and used? There are three possible versions for you to choose from below.

1. Basic version of EV extension cable

According to the existing conditions, a single car charging extension cable can be purchased according to the specifications written on your electric car charger, for example, if 220V 8A (1.5KW) is written on the charger, then you can equip it with the corresponding basic version of EV extension cable for 220V charger.

2. Fast charging version of EV extension cable

Just consider changing to a portable electric car charger. Before the replacement, you can check the maximum charging power in your car. Under normal circumstances, it is at least about 3.3 kilowatts. In this way, the charging time can be reduced by half, but the corresponding wire also needs to be increased to 4 square meters, and it is necessary to check whether the socket (16A) in the house is also the incoming wire of 4 square meters and whether the connector is stable.

3. Luxurious version of EV extension cable (charging protection)

Separate a dedicated line from the wire line at homemwith a remote intelligent control relay protector of more than 5 kilowatts in the middle (you can remotely turn on and off the power, check the circuit status, there is protection of leakage, lack of power, overload, and voltage), once In the event of an abnormal situation, the power can be automatically cut off in time, and the real-time current, voltage, and power can be viewed. In this way, you can leave the purchased EV extension cable outside, without worrying about leakage, stealing, and avoiding repeated plugging and unplugging.

In layman's terms, charging a car is equivalent to charging a giant power bank. Inferior charging heads, charging guns, inferior sockets, and unstable voltage lines will all harm your car. As a professional manufacturer of electric vehicle charging cables, AG Electrical can provide you with the safest and highest quality EV extension cables.

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