IEC 62196-2

IEC 62196-2


Type2 is also known as IEC 62196-2.  This standard was developed by Mennekes, a German company, and is mainly used for European brands of electric vehicles.

Its characteristic is the plug socket all has 7 joints (3 live wire +1 ground wire +1 middle line (zero line) +2 signal line).  Why are there three lines of fire?  This is because Europe has the concept of 3-phase electricity, while the United States does not.


L1 L2 L3 Live wire AC Power

N The Neutral line is Neutral

PE grounding cable is Protecting Earthing

PP CP signal line communication function


Type 2 male plug


Current: 16A/32A (single phase, three phase)

Connects to the Charging pile end Type2 Socket /outlet

(1) Part is terminal/pin/end, the terminal of Type 2 male plug is protruding.

(2)Part is the sealed coil, according to the current and different sizes

There is resistance in Plug, and the position of resistance is between PP and PE. The function of resistance is as follows:

Inform the charging pile that a charging plug has been inserted


Type 2 female plug


Current: 16A/32A (single phase, three phase)

Connects to the car end Type2 inlet

(1)Part is terminal/pin/end. The terminal of Type 2 male plug is convex and is a pin, but the terminal of Type 2 female plug is concave

The concave design(2) is used with electromagnetic lock .

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