New GBT Charging Interface Is Exposed, CHADEMO Develops New Standards with China

New GBT Charging Interface Is Exposed, CHADEMO Develops New Standards with China

As it is reported by Electrek, on April 24, CHAdeMO Association and China Electricity Council have jointly released the new version of the CHAdeMO fast-charging standard-CHAdeMO 3.0.


The CHAdeMO 3.0 charger is smaller and its cable size will be reduced. It uses the same plug as the GBT charging protocol, and also adopts liquid cooling technology to cool the charger.


The DC charging power of the vehicles using CHAdeMO 3.0 standard can exceed 500 KW (the maximum current is 600 A). The CHAdeMO 3.0 is also compatible with the previous CHAdeMO version, GBT charging, CCS and other fast-charging systems of different standards. In addition, the CHAdeMO standard also supports bidirectional charge and discharge from the beginning. This feature is not available in the current mainstream CCS fast charge standard.


Currently, China and Japan are cooperating on the new fast-charging standard, and India is also expected to become a new partner. According to CHAdeMO, South Korea and some other Southeast Asian countries have also shown strong interest in such charging technology.


The biggest difference between CHAdeMO and the current mainstream CCS standard is that the CHAdeMO standard is designed with a core function of two-way charging-discharge from the beginning, which can not only charge electric vehicles, but also recycle the power and sell it back to the grid.


Once China and Japan have reached an agreement on the fast-charging standard, CCS will lose its leading position.


It is said that the CHAdeMO 3.0 standard test requirements will be released within a year.


In the past, the CCS standard has always prevailed in the industry; however, with the release of the CHAdeMO 3.0 standard, the war of global fast-charging standard will start again. Though the CHAdeMO 3.0 charger is smaller, it is capable of charging up to 500 kW, thereby making itself very competitive.


In addition, as China, the largest consumer market for electric vehicles, will also adopt the CHAdeMO 3.0 standard, CCS may lose its leading position in the field of fast-charging standards.

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