Portable Electric Vehicle Charger for On-the-Go Emergency Power Supply

Portable Electric Vehicle Charger for On-the-Go Emergency Power Supply

Portable electric vehicle charger for new energy vehicles

For new energy vehicles, conductive charging is still the main solution for energy supplement. The charging methods mainly include DC fast charging using a fast-charging DC charging pile and AC charging using an AC charging pile or portable electric vehicle charger. Among them, the DC charging pile directly provides the power battery of the electric vehicle with DC power supply, with high output power and fast charging speed; while the AC charging pile provides the on-board charger of the electric vehicle with AC power supply, with low output power but low installation requirements. The portable electric charger is a movable portable charging device with an AC power output, using a standard plug with a rated current not exceeding 16A as its own power plug, which can be charged directly at home or in a place with a standard socket, and can be fully charged in about 8 to 10 hours.

Portable electric vehicle charger solves charging problems

Currently, due to a series of problems such as insufficient parking spaces in communities, insufficient power capacity in communities, and difficulties in construction, it is difficult for charging piles to enter communities, and the installation of household charging piles is still difficult to normalize. In this case, most people can only choose public charging piles. Although relevant policies have been introduced in many places to continue to layout the installation and distribution of charging piles, the high management and maintenance costs of charging piles and the frequent super high voltage DC charging shorten battery life, which become another difficult point.

As one of the professional electric vehicle charging equipment manufacturers in the world, we want to remind you that the portable electric vehicle charger that can be used flexibly with different charging piles can solve some problems for car owners. It is understood that the portable electric vehicle charger is a portable charger that can be carried with the car, with one end of the charger being a plug with a controller, and the other end being a charging gun, which can be charged anytime with 220V AC power. Currently, charging guns on the market can choose the length of the charging cable and current size according to demand, and the price also varies according to the quality.

When there is no condition to install a charging pile or when there is no fixed charging facility, the portable electric vehicle charger is particularly important for emergency energy supplement for electric vehicles. In addition, the portable electric vehicle charger outputs 220V single-phase AC power as the power supply, and the on-board charger transforms the AC power into DC power to charge the battery, ensuring convenience while minimizing the impact on the battery, and ensuring the battery life to a greater extent, which is a stable and safe charging method.

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