The 3rd Shanghai International Charging Pile and Switching Station Exhibition (2024CPSE)

The 3rd Shanghai International Charging Pile and Switching Station Exhibition (2024CPSE)

From 22-24 May, the 3rd Shanghai International Charging Pile and Switching Station Exhibition (2024CPSE) came to an end, with more than 600 charging and switching related industry chain enterprises appearing.

Domestic and foreign charging and switching operators, DC charging piles, AC charging piles, energy storage charging piles, super charging piles, power exchange stations, optical storage charging, mobile charging, Saas platform, energy storage, charging modules, charging guns, switching equipment and other manufacturers, operators, platforms and so on, ushered in the industry's collective "parade".

The Charge and Conversion Research Institute, after on-site observation of the exhibition as well as in-depth exchanges, after seeing the exhibition revealed the industry development trend as well as the business model, we summarised the five industry signals, welcome to discuss together.

1.Liquid-cooled supercharging, accelerated landing

2. Light storage and charging integration track began to break out

The number of new energy vehicles is increasing significantly, and it is urgent to speed up the construction of charging infrastructure such as charging piles and power exchange stations.

As an expansion and extension of the basic charging pile station, the "optical storage and charging" integrated charging station covers the three major links of photovoltaic power generation, energy storage system and charging. The optical storage and charging (switching) integrated station can alleviate the impact of a large number of electric vehicle charging on the power grid, and it can make use of the new energy to reduce the carbon dioxide emission, which is in line with the goal of "dual carbon", and can realise the clean energy multi-energy complementary cycle. It can also use new energy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which is in line with the goal of "double carbon", and can realise the clean energy multi-energy complementary cycle. This system can also solve the problem of insufficient land resources, achieve self-generation of photovoltaic self-consumption, improve the utilisation rate of new energy, reduce carbon emissions, cut peaks fill valleys, and maximise economic benefits.

3. Overseas Momentum is Rising, American Standard and European Standard Charging Equipment Rides the Wave

With the rising sales of new energy vehicles worldwide, the market opportunities for charging infrastructure have also surged, and many countries have increased support for charging pile construction on the policy end, including financial and tax incentives. The vehicle-to-pile ratio has also become an important observation indicator for domestic charging piles to enter overseas markets.

Such as Europe and the United States, the public car pile ratio are above 15:1, far less than China's 7.5:1 (data source: China Automotive News), far below the domestic level. This also shows that there is a large gap in the overseas market for charging piles, and there is an urgent need for charging pile supporting construction.

4. Advertising and marketing ecosystem "in" the charging post

"Intelligent big screen" to help the station to increase revenue "big screen" in most industries has been commonplace, and even the car centre control also has a clear trend of big screen. Focusing on charging pile equipment, this exhibition, we see a number of charging pile equipment manufacturers launched a "multimedia DC pile" "120kW advertising machine" "advertising DC charging pile "and so on.

The large screen design brings, first of all, the ability to enhance the user's charging experience, improve the degree of information visualisation of the charging process, so that the owner can operate conveniently, and at the same time, the operator can also carry out intelligent management.

In addition to human-computer interaction, the charging pile display can also be used to place advertisements, which in turn will bring additional revenue to the station. As the users of the charging pile and the frequency of use continue to increase, the charging pile display screen "advertising screen" attribute, will also continue to enhance the display effect and interactive performance enhancement process, advertisers will also get better exposure. Therefore, this path to increase revenue is one of the effective ways.

5. Charging Module Circuit Powering Up, Segment Spring Has Sprung

The charging module is the "heart" of the charging pile, and because it involves complex power electronics and high-brand materials, it accounts for a significant portion of the total cost of the charging pile, about 30-40%. (Figures quoted here are from Macro Property Costs)

Influenced by the level of technology, conversion efficiency and material quality of the charging module, the cost has been maintained at a high level for a long time, and tends to stabilise, and the annual reduction is limited.

However, with the deepening of the high-power trend, the amount of value and profitability of charging module products seems to have been improved. According to CITIC Securities' "New Energy Vehicle Industry Charging Pile Industry In-depth Report", which mentioned:

The global charging module market space is measured on the basis of the report's forecast on charging piles:

Average charging power of public DC piles: Under the trend of high power, assuming that the charging power of DC charging piles will be improved by 10% per year, it is expected that the average charging power of public DC piles will be 166/244KW in 2023/2027.

Charging module single W price: the domestic market, along with technological progress and scale effect enhancement, assuming that the charging module single W price decline year by year, the rate of decline slowed down year by year, is expected to 2023/2027 single W price of 0.12/0.08 yuan; overseas market raw materials, labour, manufacturing costs higher than the domestic market is expected to single W price of about 2 times the domestic market.

Based on the above assumptions, the global charging module market space is expected to be around $54.9 billion by 2027.

Nowadays, with the development of high-power DC fast charging, the complexity of charging application scenarios, charging pile production and operation enterprises, the quality of charging module requirements will gradually improve, and then put forward a higher demand for charging module enterprise's technical capabilities.


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