The Characteristics and Precautions of EV Cable

The Characteristics and Precautions of EV Cable

In order to conserve energy and reduce emissions and avoid the situation that electric vehicles cannot drive due to the lack of energy when in use, charging piles have been installed in many big cities. Next, we will briefly introduce the characteristics and points for attention of EV charging pile cable.

Electric vehicle DC(Direct Current) charging pile is known as "fast charging", using special cable production based on oil resistance, chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and pressure resistance, waterproof, anti-electromagnetic interference special charging pile cable; The EV cables produced by AG Electrical tend to be well electrical conductivity, and has high flexibility and stable and reliable, which is the only choice for outdoor charging pile.


1. Check the insulation property of the electric charging cable regularly

Generally good quality EV cable have good insulation effect, but the cable  will inevitably be wear outdoor for a long time, for purpose of ensure the charging pile can be used safely and normally, we need to check it regularly, for example switch and socket etc, only in this way can make sure the safety and durability of the charging cable.

2. Keep the electric charging cable away from water and wet places

Although the electric charging cable is waterproof, there are still some risks when works in a wet environment for a long time. Therefore, EV cables should be installed away from water to avoid short-circuit problems caused by moisture in charging pile cables. When using mobile charging pile cable, try to choose dry and flat place, so as to ensure the safe use of charging pile cable.

3. Avoid the electric charging cable excess load

Nowadays, professional charging pile cables have multiple sockets of different power, which can realize the charging requirements of electric vehicles of different power. However, it is necessary to pay attention to one point: the same charging pile should not use multiple excessive power electrical appliances at the same time to avoid damage to the charging pile cable caused by excessive load.

The daily maintenance of the charging cable is the basis to ensure the safety and charging efficiency of the product, so it is necessary to regularly check these three points, only in this way can we better ensure the electricity safety of the charging cable.

As a professional manufacturer of electric vehicle charging equipment, AG Electrical reminds you that you need to use the correct way of electric vehicle maintenance.

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