What Are the Benefits of Owning an Electric Vehicle Charger?

What Are the Benefits of Owning an Electric Vehicle Charger?

1. Understanding electric car charger

Having an electric car is a great decision. It is much better than a gasoline car. It is environmentally friendly, economical and easy to maintain. However, many people are still hesitant about the idea that it is difficult to charge. With the development of the electric car industry, more and more charging stations are being built in key locations. Nevertheless, the best way to charge is still to have an electric car charger at home. Having a home electric car charger is the best choice for enjoying electric cars. What are the benefits of having an electric car charger at home?

2. Benefits of having an electric car charger


After covering the installation cost, the cost of charging with electricity will be cheaper compared to paying at public charging stations. It also provides real-time data on energy usage for tax incentive requirements. There are also some intelligent solar charging stations that can use excess solar energy at scheduled times.


A properly installed home car charger can fully charge the battery in any time between 45 minutes and 7 hours. This is much faster than charging at a public car station. Yes, there are public fast charging points, but they are not cheap.


Having an electric car charger allows you to control when to charge. No need to rely on public charging stations. This ends the countless hours and wasted time queuing for electric car charging. Just plug in your electric car and focus on what you need to do. With enough daily consumption, long-distance travel is the only time electric cars need access to public charging stations.

Battery life

The battery of an electric car is like the battery of a smartphone. Over time, it becomes less effective. Continuous use and charging also reduce its ability to hold power. To slow down battery degradation, it is recommended to use a battery that is almost fully charged instead of lightly tapping it for a few hours at a public charging station. Having a home electric car charger is perfect for this type of charging situation.

Property value

Electric car chargers are added value to house valuation. It makes the house proof of future smart homes, especially as people's awareness of the sustainability of owning electric cars increases. As more and more people love electric cars, buyers who have electric cars will definitely prefer homes equipped with electric car chargers.


Most home electric car chargers are compatible with various electric car manufacturers. This is good in case another electric car from a different manufacturer appears. No need to queue two or three times at a specific brand of public charging station. Instead, both cars can be charged at home in turn.

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