Three Methods of the Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Maintenance

Three Methods of the Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Maintenance

Electric vehicle needs to be cherished, a key part of car maintenance is to properly charging the battery. Then let's talk about the three methods of electric vehicle charging equipment maintenance.


1. Use smart EV chargers and sockets for electric vehicle charging piles maintenance

When many charging pile users go to work, they often forget to cut off the power, it will be a long charging time phenomenon. The best way to solve this problem is to buy a smart EV charger and socket, in this way, the battery of the electric vehicle can be better maintained.

2. EV chargers should not be used at an environment too high or too low temperature

In the process of charging, the battery itself will produce a small amount of heat, charging at too high temperature will make the temperature of the bottle body rise, damage the battery performance. When the temperature is too low, the battery will have poor acceptability, weakened activity and insufficient power, charge and discharge time increased, shortened battery life.

3. The maintenance and charging time of electric vehicle should not be too long

Many electric vehicle charging pile users believe that the longer the charging time, the better the battery capacity. This is a very wrong view. When the charger is turned off for an hour, the charging time is generally just right. Excessive overcharging can easily lead to deformation and loss of water,this directly jeopardizes battery life.

Warning: Don't flush the electric vehicle charger and battery directly with water, it will cause a short-circuit.

As one of the professional EV charging equipment manufacturers, AG Electrical reminds you that you need to use the correct way of electric vehicle maintenance.

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