What is a CCS 2 charger?

What is a CCS 2 charger?


The Combined Charging System, more commonly known as CCS and CCS 2 is the European standard plug and socket type used for connecting electric or plug-in hybrid cars to a DC rapid charger.

Almost all new pure-electric cars have a CCS 2 socket in Europe. It consists of a nine-pin input that’s split into two sections; the upper, seven-pin section is also where you plug in a Type 2 cable for slower charging via a home wallbox or other AC charger.


CCS 2 charging is only for DC rapid charging of 50kW or more. The two larger, lower pins on the plug enable the Direct Current connection that forces more electricity into your batteries in less time.

It’s worth checking which CCS 2 rapid charger you’re likely to be using on your journey, since many charge providers currently require you to sign up via an app or website. Doing so in advance can save a lot of hassle.

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