What Should We do If the Electric Car Charger Overheats or is Exposed to water?

What Should We do If the Electric Car Charger Overheats or is Exposed to water?

How to charge is a concern of all the electric vehicle users. Everyone knows that the battery is vital, but many people may ignore the charger. Overheating or flooding of the charger may cause accidents. The charger and the battery are indispensable for efficient and safe charging.

Today we will talk to you about what we should do if the electric car charger overheats or gets into the water.

1. Why does the electric car charger heat up? What is the danger of overheating?

Electric vehicle charging is converting alternating current into direct current, where the heat generated is unavoidable produced because of the energy loss, resistance heating, and other factors. Although it is inevitable, the key lies in dissipating the heat in time to prevent internal heat from accumulating and causing substantial harm.

Suppose the charger overheats for a long time. In that case, the components and wires are prone to aging, and the fan lubrication fails, which will further aggravate the temperature rise and form a vicious circle, which can damage the charger and the battery or cause a fire.

2. What should we do if the electric car charger is accidentally exposed to water?

Getting in the rain or charging in a humid environment may lead to water in the charger, which is dangerous.

As a conversion power source, the electric vehicle charger has an AC circuit and a DC circuit inside. When the AC circuit part or the board is exposed to water, it will easily burn the circuit board and control components; especially when humans touch them, it will cause irreparable damage. When the DC circuit is exposed to water or moisture, it will cause the electric components to malfunction; if the charger is still working, the battery will bulge. Therefore, when the charger is exposed to water, we should immediately disconnect the power supply to ensure that the charger is completely dry and before use.

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