Almost one in four car models available in fully electric form

Almost one in four car models available in fully electric form

The choice and driving range of electric vehicle models has significantly expanded in recent years, delivering “an electric car choice for every need”.


UK drivers can now choose from around 80 fully electric car models, 94 plug-in hybrids and 42 hybrids

New analysis by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) finds the number of battery electric car models has quadrupled in the past five years. There are now around 80 electric choices, available across every vehicle segment – compared with just 21 in 2018. As result, almost one in four new car models is available as a battery electric vehicle (BEV).

Its data also reveals the average battery range for new fully electric vehicles launching in 2023 has reached almost 300 miles – nearly three times the average weekly mileage and up from 210 in 2020. Models are also available with ranges in excess of 450 miles.

Drivers can also choose from 94 plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and 42 hybrid (HEV) models – meaning electrified vehicles comprise almost two-thirds of all models available.

The vast variety of options has helped more than three-quarters of a million drivers to make the switch, with new BEV registrations up by more than a quarter (25.6%) from this time last year.

There are also now 23 models of electric van, 14 models of zero emission buses powered by electric or hydrogen, and 20 models of electric truck available in the UK.

But the SMMT has called for further action to ensure all drivers can benefit from the electric switch. It says binding targets on charge point rollout, in line with targets on vehicle sales due to be set by the ZEV mandate, would accelerate infrastructure growth and inspire more drivers to go electric.

Going electric also needs to be more equitable, supported by the implementation of “a fair and forward-thinking Vehicle Excise Duty regime”, incentives for company drivers but also private purchasers and a reduction on the VAT at public charge points so that it’s the same as charging at home.

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said: “We now require a framework that ensures everyone can benefit from zero-emission mobility. These vehicles already offer an outstanding driving experience but motorists should have lower total running costs, no matter where they live or work, with fair taxation that inspires instead of impedes.

“With infrastructure provision accelerated ahead of need, the UK can have a healthy, vibrant market, with ever more model choice to keep the UK as a world leader in net zero transport.”

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