Correct Electric Vehicle Charging Methods Extend Battery Life

Correct Electric Vehicle Charging Methods Extend Battery Life

In recent years, electric vehicles have begun to emerge in the automotive market and have been favored by a considerable number of consumers. As electric vehicles consume electricity, the issue of electric vehicles charging needs to be taken seriously in order to extend battery life. So, how to charge an electric vehicle?

The correct method of electric vehicles charging can extend the life of the power battery

First, when charging electric vehicles, plug in the output plug of the charger first, and then plug in the input plug of the AC power supply. After the vehicle is fully charged, unplug the AC power input plug first, and then unplug the output plug of the charger. Normally, over-discharging and over-charging the battery are harmful to it. Therefore, charging the battery frequently and avoiding over-discharging is necessary. The life of the power battery of an electric vehicle is closely related to its depth of discharge. Lead-acid batteries cannot be discharged for long periods of time, especially. Therefore, to extend the life of electric vehicles, it is important to maintain the power battery and charge it correctly.

Things to note about electric vehicles charging 

  • Do not unplug the charging gun when it is charging. Because electric vehicle charging stations are still relatively scarce, there is a serious problem of standing in front of the charging station. Some car owners are impatient and unplug the EV power charger that has not been disconnected. This not only damages the car battery, but also causes damage to the charging station. Therefore, even if you are in a hurry, please wait until the electric vehicle charger stops working before unplugging it.

  • Do not use connected lines to charge. There are fewer shared charging stations, more cars queuing for charging, and some communities do not allow personal charging stations to be installed. Therefore, many car owners choose to drag a long charging board from their home and charge their car with the accompanying charger. However, this behavior is very dangerous and can cause a short circuit in the circuit, causing the car to catch fire.

  • Turn off the car headlights when charging. When charging electric vehicles, remember to turn off the car headlights, because the electricity of the headlights belongs to the electric vehicle's battery, not the power battery of the car. Therefore, if you forget to turn off the headlights, the result will be that the power battery will be fully charged but still cannot be driven on the road because the storage battery has no voltage to start the ignition.

  • Do not run the air conditioner while charging. Charging with the air conditioner on is similar to using a mobile phone while charging. It can easily affect the battery activity and reduce the battery's lifespan.

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