Do Fast Chargers for Electric Cars Really Harm Batteries?

Do Fast Chargers for Electric Cars Really Harm Batteries?

1. Will using fast chargers for electric cars harm the battery?

Electric vehicles have an obvious weakness compared to gasoline vehicles, which is charging speed. Gasoline vehicles can usually fill up the entire tank in just a few minutes, while pure electric vehicles require several times, or even ten times, the time to charge. In view of this, pure electric vehicle companies have followed the example of mobile phones and also equipped with fast charging function. Many pure electric vehicle brands claim that as long as half an hour, they can charge the vehicle's battery to 80%, which is enough for normal use. However, we still have concerns about whether using fast chargers for electric cars will cause any problems. Will it harm the battery?

2. Using fast chargers for electric cars does not affect the lifespan

Actually, many people think that mobile phone fast charging will harm the battery, so using fast chargers for electric cars to charge electric vehicles will definitely harm the battery. But there is a problem here: mobile phone fast charging, especially those with more than 30W super fast charging, are already very close to the limit of the mobile phone battery's ability to withstand. With such extreme charging speed, it is inevitable that the mobile phone battery will age faster.

But the battery of pure electric vehicle is several tens of kilowatts, which is not comparable to the thousands of milliamperes of mobile phones. Even the current mainstream super fast charging power of pure electric vehicles is at most equivalent to 5V1A in smartphones, and the harm to the battery of pure electric vehicles caused by fast charging can be basically ignored.

3. Will fast chargers for electric cars cause explosions?

The so-called fast charging explosion is actually still comparing pure electric vehicles directly to mobile phones. Mobile phones have indeed had explosion incidents, but they have nothing to do with charging. It is the design defects of the mobile phone itself that caused it. Although fast charging may cause the battery to heat up, according to the above, the fast charging of pure electric vehicles using fast chargers for electric cars is far from the limit of the vehicle's battery itself. The heat generated by fast charging is far from enough to cause the pure electric vehicle to catch fire. However, some design defects of certain pure electric vehicles themselves, like mobile phones, can cause sudden fires or explosions during fast chargers for electric cars.

In summary, using fast chargers for electric cars does not really affect normal use of pure electric vehicles. Feel free to charge. However, there are also some things to note. First of all, it is best not to charge during heavy rain, although there is no problem. When choosing a charging pile, you should also be careful. Charging piles that look very old and broken have electrical leakage risks and should not be used. If conditions permit, it is better to go to commercial areas or specialized charging areas for charging. The charging piles there generally have better maintenance conditions.

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